My Fareway grocery plan for Saturday 1/2/16

-Blackberries 6oz, $0.99 (Aldi’s match)

-Fresh pineapple, $1.69 (Aldi’s match)

-Dole southwest salad kit, $2.50

-Baby carrots 16oz, $0.59 (Aldi’s match)

-Dozen grade A eggs, $0.99 (limit 4)

-Canned kidney beans 15oz, $0.44 (Hy-vee match)

-Creamette pasta noddles 10 – 16oz, $0.88 (Hy-vee match)

-Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88/lb

-Turkey meatballs 32oz $4.39 (Aldi’s match)

-Taquitos steak or chicken 20 – 22.5oz, $3.89, (Aldi’s match)

-Chobani greek yogurt 5.3oz, 10 for $9

-Jacks frozen pizza (excludes rising crusts), $2





Tentative meals this week keeping it realistic

-Southwest salad, blackberries, chips/salsa

-Meatballs/mashed potatoes

-Chicken spaghetti, bread, pineapple

-Sandwiches (chicken salad), homemade potato salad, apples

-Frozen pizza, fruit

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$1 train rides and mall play area make for cheap entertainment

2015-12-18 (1)

My kids had such a fun time visiting Merle Hay Mall this week.  Everyone we ran into there, was incredibly nice!  What is your favorite mall to visit this Christmas season?  I think mine is Merle Hay.


They also have the animals that kids can drive around on.  Have you seen those?  It costs $5 for 5 minutes at Merle Hay.  We didn’t do it this time, but maybe we will do it another day.


Gift ideas for elementary girls

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