Place to put stuffed animals

I’ve had intentions to make a bean bag cover and use it as a place to store stuff animals. But life.  Then, yesterday I couldn’t shut a drawer of blankets, so I decided to sew this old blanket together and put the stuff animals in it.  I left a bit of an opening, that maybe I’ll add some velcro or buttons.  This could definitively be a lumpy bean bag for movie watching and now I’ve freed up 2 bins that used to hold stuff animals and my blanket drawer is easy to shut once again.  Win, win, win.

2015-10-31 (1)

Bowling Birthday Party at Premiere Lanes



Premiere Bowling in Pleasant Hill is a fun (and easy) place to have a birthday party!  The staff was nice and accommodating and it was just fun to do something different.  My little guy was thrilled knocking down the bowling pins.  He usually gets in trouble for knocking things down, so maybe this was a nice change of pace for him!  The bowling pin souvenir with balloons was extra special and made for fun decoration in the party room.  Everyone enjoyed the game room as well, and was a nice change of pace after the bowling and cake.

I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with their addition and remodel this fall.  I imagine will be spending lots of money on the lazer tag addition when it is complete and in the upcoming years.  I’m thankful for places like this, for some great family fun and some birthday party sanity saving for those years you need it.  Have you been bowling lately?