Flying with kids

We are just coming off our vacation high.  And food coma(s).  We had just a great trip visiting family in California.  Our family is just the best.

I remember when we first flew to California when we just had one kid and I was a little more than stressed out to fly with him.  Of course, he did great.  Now, we just have two and I was nervous about the boy who doesn’t sit still.  And it worked out.  I even enjoyed it.

Here’s what you need need when traveling via airplane with kids.

1. Movies and charged devices to play them.

2. Special snacks they aren’t used to getting.  I think chewing and drinking a sippy cup or sucking can really help getting ears popped.  We also did “surprised faces” and chewing motions when my youngest didn’t want to eat.  I bought a ton of milk after going through security to have on the plane because the airline we used didn’t have it on the plane and my boy has a thing for milk.  It was expensive and it was worth it.  It would be hard to be a happy kid if your ears hurt.  Sugar free tic tacs worked great for us.

3. Toys they haven’t seen.  The last 15 minutes of the flight were the most difficult for my little guy.  Electronics have been put away and the excitement of being on a plane has long worn off.  This is what you need to save some yet to be seen toys for!  Hold out.  This may also be a good time to pull out a sucker or ring pop?  After they turn off the seat belt sign and you still have to wait a ton to get out of the plane is tough too.  Having the kids talk to other people is helpful, or letting them push the light button was a great distraction too.

4. Don’t be stressed yourself and tell them what is going to happen.  Try to walk through everything with them so they kind of know what is going on.  The kids didn’t have to take off their shoes when they went through security, which was great.  You can give them a little airplane to show how it takes off and have a little count down to blast off.

5. Bring a big stroller to check at the gate right before you board the plane.  It’s so nice to have something with wheels to put kids and junk into to make walking around the airport way easier.  We also used one car seat on the plane just as a means for comfort and familiarity on the plane.  Be sure to know where it says, “approved for use in aircraft” on your car seat.  We had to check our car seat at the gate because we couldn’t find that on the first flight.  Also, make sure it is a narrow car seat so it’ll be more likely to fit.

Enjoy yourself.  You might as well.