My Fareway grocery plan 4/7/16- 4/11/16

Bananas, $0.29/lb

Cantaloupe, $0.99/each

Russet potatoes 4lb, $0.78 (Thurs/Fri only)   no 4lb lb at my Fareway

Dole iceberg lettuce, $0.78/each (Thurs/Fri only)

Strawberries 16oz, $1.49 (Aldi price match)

Braeburn apples, $0.88/lb

KC Masterpeice bbq sauce 17-18oz, $0.88

Dozen eggs, extra large, $0.99 (limit 2)

Dr. Pepper/7up 2 L, $0.88 (Thurs/Fri only)

Boneless chicken breast, $1.88/lb (limit 20 lb)

80% ground beef 10lb tube, $1.99/lb )with in ad coupon)

Fareway sandwich bread wheat 24 oz, $0.99

Cheerios 8.9oz, $1.68 (Thurs/Fri only)

Half gallon milk, $0.99 (limit 2, Thurs/Fri only)

Blue bunny ice cream 1.75qt, $1.99 (limit 2)



Tidy Cats Glade 14lb jug, $4.88 (with in ad coupon pg 3, limit 1)


This is how we buy syrup at our house.  One jug of 128 fluid oz at a time for $7.99




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