• I have received many great Christmas prstenes over the years. However, my favorite present of all time would have to be on Easter. Funny day for a present, I know. My family does a big Easter egg hunt for the kids and the girls in the family. A couple of years ago I decided to take my then-boyfriend to meet everyone. He had already met my parents. He was the first man I ever took to a family gathering. I have a very large extended family, and around thirty people were there. When it was time for the Easter egg hunt, a few minutes into it, my mom pointed out an egg that I had missed. When I picked it up, it had a clue for me to go inside the house to a certain room. In that room, there were roses, candles, music, and lots of notes for me to follow, each one telling me how much David loved me. The last note was for me to go outside so he could tell me in person. There, he got down on one knee and proposed. We had been dating for a month and a half. We have been married a year and a half and have a baby on the way! That was the best present I have ever gotten.

    • Gifts from the heart are the best ever, what a great gift and story! Thank you for sharing! It sounds like you got quite the catch with such a thoughtful guy. Congratulations on your wedding/marriage and now baby on the way. This is an exciting time, enjoy!

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