Things that help when my kids are sick

Guess what?  We made it to day 4 of school before someone got strep!  Ugh!  Here is what has helped me this time around.

They make amoxicillin taste so good.  I’m tempted to ask for the liquid bubble gum flavor as an adult, when I’m sick.  So I understand my children’s dilemma when the see their sibling getting it and they cannot have it.   So they get juice in a syringe.  Or if I’m out of juice, milk with strawberry syrup in a syringe.  The milk/strawberry syrup looks so similar.  It’s surprising that this works as well as it does!


After I made this, I found juice in our pantry, so I made a slushie with juice instead of kool aid syrup this time.  I ended up using

-1 cup cherry juice

-2 cups ice

and I get “thanks mom, it’s as good as pop. thanks 10,000 times”.  They seemed to like this juice as much as the kool aid syrup version.

IMG_20150827_104925503         IMG_20150827_105211662

Hope your families are all staying healthy!


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