My Fareway grocery plan 6/16 or 6/17

-5lb bag russet potatoes, $0.68

-Iceberg lettuce, $0.68 (Friday & Saturday only)

-Strawberries 1lb, $1.48

-Green peppers, $0.79 for 3 (Aldi price match)

-Dozen eggs, $0.69 (Price Chopper match, limit 2)

-Sparkling ice flavored water 17oz, $0.90 each

-Fareway shredded cheese 8oz, $0.99 (limit 4) to put in freezer

-Cottage cheese 24oz, $1.69

-Select store brand cereal 11-18oz, $1.33










My Fareway Grocery Plan 8/17 – 8/22

-Organic blackberries 6oz, $1.99

-Dole spinach 8 – 12oz bag, $0.99

-Colorado peaches, $0.99/lb

-Gala Apples, $0.88/lb (Price Chopper match, Thurs – Saturday only)

-Red grapes, $0.79/lb (Aldi’s match)

-Bananas, $0.29/lb (Aldi’s match)

-Whole seedless watermelon, $2.29 (Aldi’s match)

-Store brand grade A eggs, $0.88

-Oscar Meyer cheese hot dogs, $2.50

-Store brand peanut butter 16oz, $1.28

-Jolly time popcorn 2 – 4ct, $0.99 (Price Chopper match, $0.50 off with Invisipon coupon)

-Sunbelt granola bars 8.79-11oz, $2 (Price Chopper match)

-Hunt’s Snack pack pudding 4 pack, $0.69/each (Price Chopper match, limit 4, Thurs – Sat only)

-Charmin essentials toilet paper 12ct, $4.88 or $3.99 if show Hy-Vee perks card ($1 off with Invisipon)

-Shredded cheese, or chunk cheese 6 -8oz, $1.25

-Fareway bbq & sour cream/onion chips ($1 off coupon with Invisipon)

-Hershey’s Candy bars 8pk, $0.99 (Price Chopper match, Thurs – Sat only)



My Fareway grocery plan today 8/28/15

-Lemons $0.19/each (Aldi’s match)

-Raspberries 6oz, $1.19 (Aldi’s match)

-Grapes, $1.28/lb

-Dole Caesar salad kit 6-12oz, $2

-Old orchard apple juice blends 64oz, $0.99 (limit 2)

-Fareway frozen southern style hasbrowns 28-32oz, $0.99 (limit 2)

-Hunt’s pasta sauce 24oz, $0.68 (limit 2 at Fareway)

-Store brand peanut butter 16oz, $0.99 (limit 2)

-Fareway wheat cottage bread 20oz, $0.97

-Store brand graham crackers, $1.67

-Sun chips 6.25-16oz, $1.88 (Friday only)

-Nutty bars 12oz, $0.99 (Friday only)

-Boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1.88/lb (10lb limit)

-Chicken leg quarters, $3.90 for 10lbs

-Eckrich smoked sausage 10 – 14oz, $1.89 (Price chopper match)

-Yoplait greek yogurt 4 – 6oz, $0.80

-Store brand yogurt 6oz, $0.33 (Friday only)

-Store brand butter, $1.99 (limit 2)

-Era detergent 50oz, $1.99 (limit 2)