Practical car emergency pack



I put together a car emergency kit together for myself and came to the conclusion that I need to make this for others.

I’m planning to give my niece one when we celebrate Christmas tomorrow, among other things.  When I was a teenager, I remember going to the Des Moines airport to pick someone up, but they were not there right away, so I parked & found out their flight was delayed.  I had no idea I would need cash to get out of the parking lot and was looking for lose change in my car, when a kind stranger gave me money I needed to get out.  They were an angel to me that day and I will honestly never forget their kindness for asking me what was wrong.  I’ve included quarters for my car emergency kits!  

2015-12-26 (1)

For my kit, I still include a change of clothes in a gallon ziplock bag for the kids.  I never expect a bathroom accident, but I’m always so thankful I have it in the car for when they do, because they have!  To my complete and utter shock.

I also need to include extra pairs of socks, because we have had to purchase socks for ridiculous prices when they haven’t had them at play areas/events requiring socks.


Here is what I included in my niece’s pack.

-2 water bottles

-2 granola bars

-wet wipes


-2 thermal blankets


-bright paper



-fire starter


-quarters for parking ($5)

-plastic bag


-hand sanitizer

-feminine products

-zip ties
It’d probably be good to throw in a multi tool, but this is all pretty much things I had around the house (besides the thermal blankets).  The pain medicine is expired stuff I had in my medicine cabinet, but it’ll likely still do the trick in a predicament.  I wonder if the water bottles will break if they freeze, since they are completely full.  What do you think?  They live in Kansas, so a little warmer there.



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