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    Visiting Backbone State Park

    Backbone State Park is located in northeast (ish) Iowa.  If you vacation in WI, it maybe a good stop on the way.  It’s the very first state park in the state

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My Hy-Vee grocery plan for November 5 or 6th

I’m excited to try this new bacon that I saw at Hy-Vee this morning.  The package is the same standard 16oz package but it says “Irregular slices, value bacon, great for recipes” on the box.  Bacon is bacon!  I think my family will be happy with it!


-Jamestown sliced bacon 16oz (irregular slices), $1.99

-73% lean ground beef 16oz, $1.99 (limit 1 with code below 11/5 – 11/6))

-Hy-vee steam quick veggies, select varieties $0.49 (limit 1 with code below 11/5 – 11/6)

-Raspberries 6oz, $0.99

-Russet potatoes 4lb best value, $0.98

-C&H sugar 4lb, $0.99 (limit 1 with code below 11/5 – 11/6)

-Hy-Vee 12 pk pop, $0.99 (limit 1 with code below 11/5 – 11/6)

-Cottonelle bath tissue 12 double roll, $3.99 (limit 1 with code below 11/5 – 11/6)

-Chocolate milk gallon, $3.88 (Fareway)



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