Lazy weekend lunches out

I’m setting myself up for judgement here, but oh well.

1. $6 small taco pizza from Pizza Ranch.  There are 6 small pieces of pizza here and great for sharing with the kids for a special treat out.  I like picking it up through the drive thru and eating at home.  They used to be $5, darn it.

2. Altoona Dairy Queen has $5 lunch deals, 11 – 4pm Monday through Friday I believe.  You can get 3 piece chicken fingers, fries, drink and an ice cream sundae for $5.  There is also a bacon cheeseburger option that my husband likes.

3. On Mondays, Ankeny B-Bops has their burgers for $1.48 or so.  A delicious gut bomb.

4. Free coffee at Chic-fil-A through the month of February

5. There’s probably something good going on at Sonic!


I’m coming off a dietbet, so these are extra appealing right now.  I may start another dietbet soon!



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