Visit Spectators in Altoona for a great Father’s Day outing

This is my new favorite restaurant in Altoona!  There is delicious food and a fun environment, I think your dad will love it!  It’s chalked full of sports memorabilia.  It’s located just east of Adventureland and owned by the same people.  It looks like they have a room you can rent out too, which we may have to look into at some point.

I feel like Altoona has a new awesome restaurant and I’m so excited about it!  If you check it out, come back and let me know what you think!   I ate my food instead of taking a picture of it, opps.2016-06-17 (1)  2016-06-17 (2) 2016-06-17 (3)2016-06-17 (5)



Medical bills

I had the unfortunate experience to learn that hospitals will often work with you on an interest free basis to help you pay your medical bills.  If you find yourself in this situation, it may not hurt to make some phone calls to the hospital and see if they are able to do this for you.

I hope you are all very healthy!  

Having good health, is something to be so grateful for!


You need this for your car!

I had the unfortunate event of having a flat tire while driving with one of my kids yesterday!  He was playing something electronic and oblivious to the fact anything was wrong.  Thankfully I was able to pull over fast and get over as far as possible with my flashers on.   I’m slightly terrified of another car hitting us while being pulled over on the side of the road.  I called my husband and he answered right away.  Swoon.   He tells me I have a tire repair kit in my trunk and stays with me on the phone.

This kit has a mini air compressor and is the easiest thing ever.  You plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car, put on the tire valve line and turn on the switch.  That may be all the fix you need.  But if not, there is also a bottle you can attach to the compressor kit that is filled with tire sealant.  That is just a matter of unscrewing the lid and screwing it on the compressor.  The compressor has a gauge.  Within a matter of minutes I was back on the road and it felt completely fine.  After the fix, you are not to drive more than 125 miles and keep it under 50mph with my particular kit that came with my car.

This doesn’t fix your tire, but it gets you home or to a tire repair place safely.  I think the sealant needs to get cleaned out before too long so it doesn’t damage your tire sensor.

I got the car home and my husband found a screw in the tire and fixed it all up for me.  I feel so much more comfortable having this simple kit in my car and I will make certain my kids have it when they get to driving. The less time they are out working on the side of the road, the better.   I prefer them to practice changing tires in the driveway instead of the side of the road.



Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 12.20.03 PM

Food waste

This is my feeble attempt to not waste food.  These apples were sliced and not eaten by the kids and had started to discolor a little.  There wasn’t much browning because I had gotten them in water/lime juice this time so I cut up and mixed them up with some cool whip.  I would have put snickers in it, if we had them!  They really enjoyed this treat.   I need to always make sure I put the kids uneaten apples in water with a squirt of lime from those green plastic lime bottles.  Then they are ready to add to a chicken salad, salad or even just eat with cool whip again.

Do you have any tips to share that help reduce your family’s food waste?

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Affordable update to kitchen counter


Are you bothered by your counters, but cannot afford a complete replacement?  It may be fun to try an update with contact paper.  Yes, you heard me right, contact paper!  For $25 you could give your kitchen a whole new look!  This is what my mother in law did and I just love the new look!  I wouldn’t have been able to tell without her telling me!  This is her contact paper counter.


Her tips are if you get a bubble to pop it with a needle and work it out with your hands and to use a razor blade for clean lines against the sink. She uses a cutting board on the counter if cutting something.  I am still in shock of the awesomeness of contact paper!

There are so many possibilities with contact paper.

Don’t go in debt this Christmas season

I truly enjoy thinking about and giving gifts.  I love thinking about a person and trying to get them something that will surprise them or be special to them.  My love language is “gifts” after all.  But it puts me in a predicament because I don’t really have the money to buy everyone, everything I’d like to buy them.   Sometimes I’d like to pretend, like the government does, that I have endless resources.  But the reality is, there is a limit.  And we are unwise to live otherwise.

It is all to easy to spend money we don’t have and pay for Christmas for way too long.  If your family and friends care anything about you, they would not want you to go into a debt over getting them a gift.  They probably don’t have the room for it in their home anyway.  I would not want someone getting me a present to cause them financial hardship and stress in their life, because it is so not worth it.  Your family loves you for you, not because you gave them a gift.  Realize you have limits and work within your limits.

My mother in law had the idea of doing a thrift store only Christmas gift exchange this year, and I am all in!  I can’t wait to see what I am able to find for our family members.  My parents have been into thrift store presents too in addition to other presents and I’m totally fine with that.  A couple years ago, we found a large firetruck that my son just loved at a second hand store.  I had seen the same firetruck at Menards for $30 and I’m sure they had sales so I may have been able to get it for less than that.  It was $3 at the second hand store.  They gave it to him for Christmas and it was just as much a hit as if it would have been the one from Menards.  Then this summer, we were cleaning out the play room, and I decided it was time for the giant firetruck to go.   It was not nearly as difficult for me to part with it knowing my parents did not pay a ton for it and now someone else can be enjoying it for awhile themselves!

“You can’t always get what you want” is not the easiest lesson to learn, but we all need to learn it at some point.  So when all else fails, know you are really just helping your kids learn this lesson.  Additionally, if you are really in a bind concerning presents, let other people buy for your kids whether family or not.  As hard as it may be for you, maybe you need to consider being on the receiving end of Toys for Tots.

Gift giving is a part of Christmas for our family.  But it is just that, a part.  We are celebrating that God sent his son as a Savior to the world, that he made a way for us to walk with God in our lives here on earth and after we die to be with Him in Heaven.  A hope inexpressible and joy incomparable to the best human efforts, a Divine miracle!  I wish your family and you a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy every moment and know you are truly blessed.